Thursday, June 29, 2006


June 28th 2006

IDF targets bridge in central Gaza Strip as part of ongoing effort to
return kidnapped soldier

(Communicated by IDF Spokesperson)

Following the attack against an IDF post inside Israel on Sunday June
25th 2006 in which two IDF soldiers were killed and a third kidnapped, the IDF
carried out an aerial attack early this morning, June 28th 2006, of a bridge in
the central Gaza Strip.

The objective of targeting this bridge is to impair the ability of the
terrorists to transfer the kidnapped soldier, Cpl. Gilad Shalit.

The IDF will continue to act with determination and to employ all means at its
disposal to combat terrorists and their infrastructure, in order to defend the
citizens of Israel and will continue to make every effort toreturn Cpl. Shalit
home quickly and safely.

The Palestinian Authority, led by the democratically elected Hamas
government is fully responsible for any attacks emanating from the Gaza Strip
and Israel holds it responsible for the safe and quick return of Cpl. Shalit.

Full brief on Sunday's attack available here:


IDF RADIO: "Operation Summer's Rain" Launched

Midnight: IAF helicopters attack and destroy electrical facilities
causing power outages in neigborhoods of Gaza City and Han Yunes.

00:15: IAF helicopters destroy three central bridges and ground forces divide
Gaza Strip into three parts in an attempt to hamper possible movement of
terrorists holding Cpl. Shalit.

02:00: Elements of the Golani brigade backed by APCs and tanks moved
into position at Denhenya Aiport close to the Rafiach Crossing point
into Egypt.

02:25: Special forces take positions and remain on high alert.

Summer's Rain is expected to be a "rolling and ongoing" operation with the sole
purpose of securing Cpl. Shalit's safety and removing
terrorist elements that continue to fire rockets towards Israel.

Upon completion of their stated assignment, IDF forces will return to the
positions established in Sept. 2005


IDF isolates southern strip to prevent transfer of kidnapped soldier

The IDF has launched the first stage of an operation in the Gaza
Strip. The operation code-named Summer Skies is initially designed to
cut off and isolate the southern part of the Gaza Strip where it is
believed kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit is being held.

The IDF attacked three bridges Tuesday night to the north and south of Gaza City
and fired artillery at the southern Gaza Strip to prevent the transfer of the
kidnapped soldier to the north or to the south and into the Sinai.

IAF planes also attacked the sole power plant in the Gaza Strip and
infantry forces entered and deployed in the area of Dahaniye.
Palestinian sources said that nine missiles were fired at the power
plant and this led to a huge fire and an electricity outage in large
parts of the Gaza Strip. They say that power was partially restored.

Reports from the Gaza Strip say that IDF tanks backed by helicopter
gunships entered near the southern town of Rafah. The force was led by
bulldozers to clear boobytrap bombs.

A Hamas leader called on the organization's fighters to confront the Israelis.

Just hours before the incursion, Channel Two television reported that
international mediators involved in talks with the kidnappers had
given up, saying negotiations were going nowhere. An Egyptian official concurred
that talks with Hamaas officials in Gaza were on hold but insisted negotiations
were still taking place with Hamas leaders in Syria.

Israel Radio 28.06.2006 09:47


4 Kassam Rockets Launched

Four Kassam rockets landed in Israeli territory early this morning.
Three rockets landed in the agriculteral farms of Netiv Ha'Asara just
north of the Gaza Strip and one additional rocket landed in an open
field. No injuries or damage wa reported.

IDF Radio 28.06.2006 08:32


Posted with permission by Dr. Mke Cohen