Saturday, February 24, 2007

Galilean tour operators invest to promote tourism in the area

Galilean tour operators invest to promote tourism in the areaSome 160 enthusiastic members of the global tourism industry took over the Galilee's tourist attractions last week, in the framework of project "Go Galilee," aimed at exposing tour operators from across the world to Israel's beautiful north.

Data shows that, on average, tourists spend less than one night in the Galilee region. Therefore, hotel operators and tour agents decided to invest in marketing the area in the world in a bid to bring more travelers to the north.

Galilean tour operators invested some $200,000 in the project, in the hope that when their guests return home, they will spread the word of how beautiful and safe the Galilee is.
High-class Jewish tourists that visit the country on holidays, usually stay in five-star hotels in the Tel Aviv and coastal areas. Christian travelers, on the other hand, find the Galilee attractive due to its religious connotations. The “Go Galilee” marketing project was initially launched in 1990 addressing evangelistic audiences and tour operators. Results were visible on the ground as Galileans saw an increase in the number of Christian-evangelistic travelers.

"It is important for us that leading tourism agencies will get to know the many various attractions the Galilee has to offer and recommend travel packages we offer to their clients,” said Yaakov Zanberg, who is heading this marketing campaign.

This year as well, 115 travel agents and 45 journalists will be guests of the "Go Galilee" project.
"Tourism to the area was affected by the war as was the image of the State of Israel. We realized that it was crucial to the area's economy to invite as many decision-makers to the area as possible, to prove to them that it is safe, green and pleasant here." Zanberg added.

During their four-day trip, the agents and journalists will visit the Sea of Galilee, Nazareth, Tiberias, Safed and Jerusalem. "Their schedule is packed, but the experience is long-lasting," Zanberg said.

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