Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Three Islamic Jihad Terrorist Killed

Based on information attributed to "Israeli Security Sources"

In a joint ISA, IDF and Border Police special forces unit arrest operation earlier Wednesday morning (February 28th, 2007) in Jenin, two senior Islamic Jihad terrorists and their assistant were killed. The three are directly related to last week's thwarted terror bombing scheduled for Purim in Tel Aviv

Security forces arrived at the site of their location in order to arrest the wanted men when one of them, Ashraf Saadi, opened fire at the forces, lightly injuring a Border Policeman. In the ensuing exchanges of fire the three wanted men were killed.

Muhammad Ibrahim Mahmoud Ahmad "Abu Nassa", 34, of Jenin, was one of the senior commanders of Islamic Jihad in the region. Abu-Nassa was involved in the transferring of funds to Islamic Jihad terror cells and served as a close assistant to Husam Jaradat, head of Islamic Jihad's activities in Jenin until his death in August 2006.

Ashraf Mahmoud Nafaa Saadi, 29, also of Jenin, had been wanted by security forces for a significant period of time. Saadi was responsible for many shooting and bombing attacks in the region and was involved in the deadly suicide bombing attacks in Israel during 2005-2006.

Al'aa Rafik Da'ud Jabali served as an assistant of the two senior Islamic Jihad terrorist leaders.

It was this very Islamic Jihad terrorist infrastructure that dispatched Ummar Abu Roub to carry out a Purim suicide bombing in Tel Aviv, an attack which was thwarted by security forces last week.

The Islamic Jihad terrorist infrastructure in Jenin continues to operate via different channels to carry out attacks against Israeli civilians and security forces.

The IDF and ISA sources report that they will continue to carry out arrest and thwart operations as long and as intense as neccesary.