Sunday, April 15, 2007

IDF Awards Citations to NCOs

IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Gabi Ashkenazi awarded citations for excellence to non-commissioned officers from various units who excelled in their jobs over the course of the previous year.

The ceremony was held at Mahane Dayan and was attended by officers from the General Staff, senior officers, and families of the non-commissioned officers.

"They who chose service in the IDF as a way of life, as a home, as a mission and know how to execute it in a unique way, voluntarily, taking responsibility while not expecting a prize," Lieutenant General Ashkenazi said of the NCOs. "Rather, they were motivated by a true belief in the importance of their deeds."

"Each and every one of you brought added value to their job and evolved into an asset for their unit," the Chief of Staff told the NCOs seated in the audience. "In all of you lies a combination of professional ability, human quality, and a willingness to contribute each of these traits for the sake of the unit. I have no doubt that your excellence stems from education and support from home. On behalf of all my colleagues this evening, I would like to express my great appreciation to the relatives of those NCOs who are being recognized for their excellence. You have a part in their being awarded tonight."

In his remarks, the chief of staff also addressed the army's implementation of recommended changes in the wake of the war against Hezbollah.

"We are currently working hard in putting into effect the lessons from the war and are preparing the IDF's readiness and operational capability throughout all its units, whether in headquarters or in the field, in order to provide the optimal response to all threats while continuing to effectively combat terrorism," Lieutenant General Ashkenazi said. "We must ensure the continued existence of a strong, fighting, capable, victorious army in order to earn the nation's trust."

"Concurrently, we must remember and remind others of the army's achievements in the war, of the impressive ability of IDF fighters, of the commanders and soldiers who stood out and demonstrated courage and initiative, both on the front and also on the home front," Lieutenant General Ashkenazi said. "Inquiries into the war reveal wonderful stories of comeradeship under fire, determination, sacrifice, and faith. They reveal many cases of initiative, heroism, leadership, and resourcefulness at great risk to their well-being."

One of the more notable recipients, due to his young age, is Major Guy Algazi, who this year celebrated 10 years of military service. Seven of the 10 years Major Algazi spent in the standing army as a criminal investigator and commander of a Military Police unit.

"It's a lot of fun seeing your work recognized as an important contribution, far beyond the personal satisfaction I derive from work every day," Major Algazi said. "You always want to do officers' tasks and to prove that you are capable of more than people think, and there are many examples of that. Many non-commissioned officers prove that we too can be professionals, academics, and go above and beyond the requirements of the job."

Source & Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson