Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Major Passover/Easter Car Bombing Foiled

Source: Israeli Security Services

Information Released from Embargo at 05:23 JST

A massive truck bomb laden with 220 lbs of explosives, dispatched by Hamas terrorists, was already in Tel Aviv during the Passover/Easter holiday but later exploded in the PA controlled town of Kalkiliya.

Security sources who released the story this morning at the conclusion of the holiday week added that 19 members of a Hamas cell were arrested as a result of the investigation into the incident that was prevented only by the grace of G-d.

What concerns global security services most was that the explosive laden truck was driven by a suicide bomber holding a blue Israeli ID which he recieved as part of a "family reunification" plan, a plan similar to the one being debated right now in the United States Congress (http://www.boston.com/news/nation/washington/articles/2007/04/10/bush_pushes_to_end_immigration_logjam/)

"The discovery of this ring, which had much grander plans than this one truck, shows us all once again that the Hamas terrorist organization, despite its position in government, has taken full adavantage of this extended period of re-strengthening and is building up abilities," remarked a security service member this morning. "We, the IDF, the GSS, along with Interpol and other security establishments must remain vigilant as the Iran-Syria-al-Qaida-Hizbullah-Hamas axis strives to show its capability by murdering Western civilians," she concluded.

An IDF source added that the 19 would-be terrorists involved in the plot were arrested as part of the pre-Passover/Easter security preparations, an operation that succeeded in ensuring a safe and succesful holiday season. The IDF and Shin Bet are currently continuing their investigations in an effort to thwart further terror activity.

As a result of this painstaking pre-holiday preparations (see http://galileanword.blogspot.com/2007/04/idf-completes-preparations-prays-for.html) Jews and Christians from all over Israel and the world were able to celebrate their holy days freely and safely. "Our hotels were at 98% capacity," reported the Israel Hotels Association, "and at 100% capacity in the important tourist destinations of Jerusalem, the Galilee and the Golan."

"Our hope is that the security systems will continue to be succesful in their anti-terror efforts over the coming May national holiday season in which Israel will be celebrating its 59th birthday and the 40th anniversary of the unification of Jerusalem," said a Ministry of Tourism official this morning. "A succesful May season will help us ensure a record-setting tourism summer - something which will help our economy in a dramatic fashion."

U.S. based Continental and Delta Airlines, Germany's Lufthansa, British Airways, Czech Air and Hungary's Malev are already looking into increased seats (and increased fares) in anticipation of the summer Holy Land rush.

Israeli defense establishment sources explained that the bomber's blue Israeli identification card allowed him easy and unrestricted access in to and out of Israel, which enabled him to collect information for the terror ring by scouting out the central district, and enabled the group to use his car which had an Israeli license plate.

Ynet Israel News adds this morning: Cell Was Planning major attack in near future!

"Monitoring Hamas, the defense establishment noticed that from November 2006, (that) the organization has been concentrating on regaining strength, in the form of rearmament, training, and preparing attacks that could be implemented on short notice.

The organization has also been concentrating on upgrading its abilities throughout the West Bank, with the help of Iran and Syria.

Information obtained in the investigations showed that Hamas has completed the phase of building power and has moved on to the implementation phase, which includes attacks on Israel's home front.

According to the information, the group is still working on planning the execution of major attacks in the near future.

Qalqilya's location and its proximity to central cities in Israel, means there is great mobility in and out of the area, and holders of Israeli IDs are allowed to enter and leave the city freely so as not to harm the life fabric of its residents.

Defense establishment sources pointed out that this is just another case in which terror groups use members who obtained Israeli IDs through family unification, to commit attacks, collect information and transport terrorists.

The Hamas ring which the arrested members belong to was involved in some serious attacks, including the Dolphinarium attack of June 2001."