Sunday, May 27, 2007

GI Exclusive - Shooting Terrorists Nabbed

Now released for publication by Security Services: Islamic Jihad terror operatives involved in shooting attack arrested last month

Sunday 27/05/2007 19:15

Archive Photo: IDF Spokesperson

GI has received permission to release that a joint operation conducted during the month of April by the IDF, GSA and special police forces succeeded in capturing the two perpetrators of the shooting attack targeting Israeli vehicles in the area of the community of Teqoa on April 12th, 2007.

The two wanted Islamic Jihad terrorists are Jamal Mussa Ali Ra'ida, 28 years old from Aibdia, and Naim Mahmoud Sa'ada Atza, 29 years old from Aibdia - and they were arrested in Bethlehem and in Eastern Jerusalem - respectively.

A third member of the cell, Abdallah Hussein Mahmad Radidah, turned himself into security forces on April 25th 2007. Radidah had been been released from imprisonment in February, and resumed his involvement in terror operations and in the execution of terror attacks. The three terrorists were involved in additional shooting attacks in the area of Judea desert against Israeli citizens and IDF forces.

The three were taken for further investigations by security forces.

TGI has taken a special interest in this particular cell as its founder and senior analysts, Dr. Mike Cohen, was on the road targeted during the shooting.


(11:26 27/05/2007)
Terrorists hurled rocks at Israeli vehicles traveling near the Israeli community of Ma´ale Levona and Ariel, causing damage to vehicles in both incidents. No injuries were reported.

(08:36 27/05/2007)
IDF soldiers arrested two wanted terrorists in Bethlehem.

(08:33 27/05/2007)
Arab terrorists opened fire at IDF troops operating in the Balata refugee camp in Nablus. No injuries or damage was reported.


IDF Attacks a Vehicle Carrying a Terror Cell

Sunday 27/05/2007 09:14

Overnight the IDF attacked a vehicle in which were present a cell of terror operatives active in the production of Hamas terror organization's Qassam rockets.

The cell was on its way to launching rockets at Israeli territory.

Additionally, the IDF attacked three terrorist targets used by Hamas in the in the Gaza Strip, a post in Gaza City, in the northern Gaza Strip, and a structure used by Hamas in central Gaza.

The IDF will continue to defend the citizens of Israel, while doing the utmost to preserve the daily life of the Palestinian population.

Please click here to download Israel Air Force video of this operation.



Summary of events in the Gaza Strip overnight

Since May 15th 2007, Palestinians launched over 230 rockets into Israel.

Overnight the IDF attacked three terrorist targets used by Hamas in the in the Gaza Strip:

· A post in Gaza City, in the northern Gaza Strip
· A position in Jabaliya, in the northern Gaza Strip
· A position in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip

The IDF will continue to defend the citizens of Israel, while doing the
utmost to preserve the daily life of the Palestinian population.


PM and Acting Finance Minister Olmert Signs Order Allowing Compensation for Indirect Damages in Sderot and Communities around the Gaza Strip

Source: Prime Minister's Media Adviser

Prime Minister and Acting Finance Minister Ehud Olmert, today (Sunday) 27.5.07, signed an order declaring the areas covered by the special home front situation, which the Government declared on 20.5.07 (, to be frontline communities. The order, pending approval by the Knesset Finance Committee, would compensate business owners for indirect damages from hostile acts and would be retroactive to 16.5.07. The classification of these communities will remain in effect until August 2007, according to conditions in the field.

At this morning's weekly Cabinet meeting, Olmert declared his intention to allow indirect compensation for residents of Sderot and communities around the Gaza Strip, in the framework of Property Tax Law:

"This will allow employers to seek compensation for indirect damages as well." As the Hebrew-language map ( ) indicates, the area given frontline status includes Ashkelon's southern industrial zone, Sapir College, farms, fuel storage facilities, tourist enterprises,

"Business owners in the demarcated area will be eligible for indirect compensation provided that loss of income can be proven to have resulted from hostile acts or a combat situation."

Olmert directed the Israel Tax Authority to prepare quickly in order to meet the needs of business owners in the Sderot and communities around the Gaza Strip vis-a-vis their eligibility for compensation.


IDF, GSS arrest 33 Hamas members in overnight operation

Thursday 24/05/2007 10:33

In a joint operation carried out by the Israel Defense Forces and the General Security Service in the early morning hours in Judea and Samaria, 33 members of the Hamas terrorist organization were arrested. Among the detainees were those holding senior positions within the Palestinian Authority and the local municipalities. The Hamas members were arrested and transferred for interrogation.

It is worth noting that Hamas is making efforts to transfer weapons-making know-how from the Gaza Strip to Judea and Samaria by exploiting the local government apparatus to encourage and support terrorist activity.

In addition to the operation in Judea and Samaria, the IDF carried out late night air strikes targeting three money changing offices and businesses in the Gaza Strip which received funds from Iran, Syria, and Lebanon, money intended to support Hamas terrorist activities and those of other organizations.

Each month, these financial establishments funneled millions of dollars to terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip, sums which enabled these organizations to purchase, develop, and use weaponry against Israeli citizens, such as the Qassam rocket.

In the last week, some 200 Qassam rockets have been fired at Israeli territory. In one incident, an Israeli woman was killed as a result of the rocket fire.