Thursday, May 31, 2007

IDF & Security News for May 30, 2007

Top Tanzim terror operatives arrested in Shchem

Source: IDF & Security Sources

In an Israeli security forces operation in Shchem (Nablus) early this morning, May
29th 2007, the forces arrested four senior wanted terror operatives from Tanzim, the military arm of the Chairman Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah organization. The forces uncovered three handguns in the building where the three were staying. The four were involved in bombings and shooting attacks against Israelis in which civilians were killed and injured, and belong to a terrorist infrastructure guided and funded by Hezbollah.

· Jamal Abdel Hamid Mohammad Tirawi, 41, is a senior Tanzim terrorist in Shchem, one of the heads of Palestinian General Intelligence in Shchem and a member of the Fatah Legislative Council. Tirawi is involved in directing and dispatching terrorists for attacks, including the suicide bomber who exploded himself at the Bialik Cafe in Tel Aviv in March 2002, killing an Israeli woman and injuring 29 others. Additionally, Tirawi recruited operatives for Tanzim, dealt in weaponry and supplied arms to
Tanzim cells in Shchem.

· Rabiah Farid Mousah Abu Lil, 25, a member of Tirawi's cell, is involved in shooting and bombing attacks. He is suspected of involvement in the killing of an IDF officer in late May 2005 during an operation in the Balata R.C. and in the shooting attack near the Israeli community of Migdalim in January 2005 in which two soldiers were killed and another was injured.

· Najeh Salim Atiah Abu Shahin, 35, is involved in directing and executing attacks against Israelis, including the previously mentioned attack near Migdalim.

· Faras Mohammad Hassan Rian, 24, is involved in shooting and bombing attacks, including a shooting attack in which an IDF soldier was wounded during an operation in the Balata R.C.


Security Forces Arrest Four Wanted Senior Terrorists

Source: Official IDF Statement

Wednesday 30/05/2007 16:22

IDF forces operate in Nablus. Archive Photo: IDF Spokesperson

During a joint IDF and GSA forces operations last night, four wanted Tanzim organization terrorists were arrested in Nablus. During the arrest, which took place at the Balata refugee camp, the forces uncovered three guns in the possession of the wanted terrorists.

The arrested terrorists are Jamal Abed El-Hamid, a 41 year old member of the Fatah organization legislative committee, and one of the organization's intelligence heads. El-Hamid was responsible for a terror attack at Cafe Bialik in Tel Aviv on March 2002, which killed an Israeli civilian and wounded 29 additional civilians.
The second arrested terrorist is Mussa Abu Lil, 25 years old, who was the suspect of the murder of Major Shachar Ben Yishai, may he rest in peace, during an operation in the Balata refugee camp in May 2005.

In addition, the security forces arrested Salim Atia, 35, who was said to be involved in many terror attacks, including the attack on the Trans-Samaria Highway in January 2005, and Firas Mahmed Hassan, 24, who was involved in the shooting attack in the Balata refugee camp which left one soldier wounded.

The four detainees are wanted members of the Tanzim terror organization in Nablus. The Nablus cell received instructions and finances from the Hezbollah terror organization with the aim of executing terror attacks against Israeli soldiers and civilians.


IDF Updated Reports

(09:12 30/05/2007)
Now released for publication: overnight an IDF force arrested the Tanzim terror organization head in the village of Beit Iba, northwest of Nablus, Haled Ramadan Taufik Ismail.

(08:36 27/05/2007)
IDF soldiers arrested two wanted Palestinians in Bethlehem.

(08:33 27/05/2007)
Palestinians opened fire at IDF troops operating in the Balata refugee camp in Nablus. No injuries or damage was reported.