Thursday, May 03, 2007

IDF & ISA Security Updates

(17:57 02/05/2007)
A special Israeli police force arrested a senior Fatah terrorist in Ramallah. In a subsequent due cause search, an AK-47 assault rifle was uncovered in the terrorist´s vehicle.

(15:44 02/05/2007)
A mortar shell, 3 pipe bombs, and a large quantity of shrapnel, were in the possession of an individual who arrived at the Hawara checkpoint, south of Shchem.

The weapons were found during a routine security check by soldiers manning the checkpoint. The individual was taken into custody for questioning by security forces. The explosives were detonated in a controlled environment by sappers. No injuries or damage was reported.

(07:25 02/05/2007)
During the night IDF forces arrested 6 wanted individuals in the region of Judea and Samaria, 4 of them are Islamic Jihad terror operatives. Terrorists hurled several explosive devices and opened fire twice at an IDF force operatng in the Jenin UNWRA Camp. No injuries or damage was reported.

The IDF and the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories continue to prepare for the upcoming Christian holidays which take place during the
month of May, St. Joseph the Workman Day, the Ascension and the Pentecost

During this period thousands of Christians from the Judea and Samaria region are expected to visit Holy sites throughout Israel such as Jerusalem, Nazareth, Haifa and Tiberias in order to participate in the various religious ceremonies.

Every effort is being made in order to allow quick, comfortable and efficient passage through the checkpoints for the celebrating Christian population.


Two Additional Physical Profiles in the IDF

The Head of Human Resources Major General Elazar Stern, and the Chief Medical officer, Brigadier General Dr. Hezi Levi, have decided to adjust certain aspects of the medical approach taken towards future enlistees.

Among the changes is a decision to draft certain citizens who would have, under current protocol, not been required to enlist. Among them are: the hearing impaired, people with upper body imperfections, celiac patients, and diabetes patients who are in a stable state.

These groups, able until now to enlist only as volunteers, will enlist as regular citizens. However, they will have specific rights, and their service will be adjusted to suit their medical needs.

"There is an ideological understanding between the head of Manpower and the Chief Medical Officer, which manifests itself in the operation of the Medical Corps. This dictates that every Israeli citizen has the right to enlist in the IDF, and serve the country. On the medical level, the work was done together with the most prominent specialists in Israel, who decided specifically which types of citizens can enlist, and which can not, and under what kind of restrictions," says the Head of Professional Medicine and Medical Attention, Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Arnon Afek.

In accordance with these changes, two new medical profiles will be announced; numbered 35 and 77.

35: This new medical profile will be given to all those who until now were not required to enlist - now joining mandatory service - and will allow them to serve under conditions specifically attuned to their medical needs. For example, the hearing impaired who will receive the 35 profile will not be required to shoot in shooting ranges, and will be exempt from carrying a weapon during their military service.

Aside from the obvious ethical implications, this decision will add hundreds of additional soldiers to the mandatory service ranks.

The decision to establish a new medical profile status is far from simple, and demands a thorough mapping of all IDF units. This is in order to set restrictions and provide appropriate conditions for their respective positions.

"I hope that we are not too far from when the new profile numbers come in to effect," says Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Arnon Afek. He continues, "This is a message to society. We are telling these kids that they do not need to volunteer, that the IDF wants them. This is an important message that says that they are normal. This is also a message to all other soldiers, increasing motivation in the IDF. Society must be very open to people with special medical requirements. They are capable of contributing, and some of them contribute a great deal."

77: Those receiving this new medical profile will be able to fill combat positions which require the 04 level combat training, such as the combat intelligence gatherer of Field Intelligence. The IDF has found a number of positions, particularly in Field Intelligence, which require people with a higher profile than 72, but can be filled by those with something lower than an 82.

"We can designate those who receive a 72 profile more specifically; some will receive a 77, and will be able to reach more combat positions. As a temporary solution to the enlistment issue for the combat units and Field Intelligence a special 72 profile has been established, which is eligible for 04 training. Some of the soldiers who receive a 72 will receive a 77 in the future-such as people who suffer from certain allergic reactions, and from chronic sweating," explains the Head of Professional Medicine and Medical Attention.

In addition, the Medical Corps is reassessing the parameters, within which the mental health profile is decided. This is an issue which the people of the Mental Health Branch must address. "We have decided that the 'profile book' will now include only people with mental health issues, not those with adjustment difficulties. Until now, the medical profiles have protected people with adjustment difficulties, in the future, they will have a special classification for adjustment difficulties, instead of an unsuitable mental health profile, and not just in the recruitment offices like today. Our intention is to lower the amount of people who are not required to enlist due to mental incompatibility. A large number of them will receive a special classification, and will be eligible to participate in instructional military courses.

We intend to make it more difficult to use the medical system to evade enlistment. We would like to help those who require such, and not those who wish to take advantage of military medical protocol for improper intentions. We are using a different approach to the issue together with Manpower and the head of the Clinical Branch in the Mental Health Sector," explains the Head of Professional Medicine and Medical Attention.