Thursday, June 21, 2007

IDF Continues Humanitarian Aid in Gaza

Despite Recent Acts of Terror: IDF continues Humanitarian Aid in Gaza

Thursday 21/06/2007 11:17

During IDF operations yesterday (Wednesday) in the Gaza Strip, forces engaged a number of armed terrorists. The force opened fire at them, and confirmed hitting seven of them. During the skirmish, an IDF soldier was wounded and declared in medium condition, and was evacuated for hospitalization. The force arrested dozens of suspects, who were then taken for initial questioning.

Correspondingly, three Qassam rockets landed in Israeli territory, one strike was identified in a city in the Southern Negev. No injuries and no damage were reported. In response to the rocket attack, the IDF executed an aerial assault on the terrorists who had launched the rockets, and hit the terrorist responsible for the launch.

Additionally, many trucks hauling food, basic necessities, medicine, and medical equipment were transferred from Israel into the Gaza Strip. This was in coordination with the District Coordination Office, through the Kerem Shalom distribution depot, and the Erez crossing. The items included approximately 40 tons of meat, 90 thousand liters of milk, 200 tons of flour, 25 thousand liters of oil, and 98 thousand inoculations. In addition, through the Nachal Oz fuel depot 325 thousand liters of cooking gas, 420 thousand liters of diesel fuel, 45 thousand liters of gasoline, and 43 thousand liters of oil.

During that day, nine Palestinians in need of medical treatment were transferred to a hospital in Israel, in coordination with the District Coordination Office, through the Erez crossing. The transfer of over 150 foreign citizens residing in Gaza was coordinated as well. The Office also distributed food and drink to the Palestinians who were residing at the Erez crossing.