Monday, November 26, 2007

Help Keep Jerusalem Jewish & United!

On November 26th, 2007 leaders representing over 85% of people living on planet Earth will congregate in Annapolis, USA to once again seek concessions from Israel and declare that Jerusalem should be torn apart, with the new parts going to the multi-national state of Israel and the ancient and historic parts, holy to Jews and Christians, becoming the capital of a newly formed, Iran-supported terror-state.

Worst of all, the United States and Israel are leading this effort hand in hand, while both Israeli citizens and US forces in the Middle East continue to face down terrorism, rocket attacks, and hate, and while Israel's kidnapped soldiers continue to remain POW's with no sign of life or Red Cross visitation allowed.

The Coordinating Council on Jerusalem ( a loose coalition made up of people of all faiths concerned with the future of the Holy City, is providing a system of FREE calls to shore up public support for a United Jerusalem (based, of course, on amazing new Israeli technology!).

By visiting and spending 90 seconds setting things up, the system will call your phone back for free and allow you to talk to the offices of the President of the United States, the Secretary of State and the Ambassador of Israel to the USA.

One Jerusalem's site features a listing of all the important numbers you will need to express your support for a United Jerusalem at

StandWithUs ( is also using the new technology that greatly facilitates their call to action:

"Phone the White House, Secretary of State Rice and the Israeli Ambassador, urging them not to put pressure on Israel. Since the conference starts Tuesday, please make your calls TODAY before 5pm EST."

Their website includes a chronology of the day-to-day developments and shifting positions leading to the Annapolis meeting, a list of the countries and organizations that have been invited to the meeting and a selection of opinion pieces and analyses of the upcoming meetings.

All this and more can be accessed at their website (

Please Stand Up For Jerusalem - Now and Forever!!

Supporting Organizations:

Coordinating Council on Jerusalem (CCJ)
American Friends of Likud
Americans for a Safe Israel
Association for Jewish Outreach Programs
Christians Standing for Israel
Chicago Board of Rabbis
Flatbush Va'ad
Heartland Institute
Jerusalem Reclamation Project
National Council of Young Israel
One Israel Fund
Poalei Agudath Israel
Project Genesis
Rabbinic Alliance to Save Jerusalem
Rabbinical Alliance of America
Rabbinical Council of America (RCA)
Reform Students for Israel
Religious Zionists of American
Russian Jewish Community Foundation
Secular Jews for Israel
Students for Israel
The Jerusalem Connection
Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations (OU)
Unity Coalition for Israel
Young Israel Council of Rabbis
Zionist Organization of America (ZOA)