Tuesday, February 19, 2008

1826 Camels

Shalom Friends

My daughter Tal was killed on March 5th 2003 in a terror attack on board bus #37 in Haifa, Israel.

Tal was a senior in high school, one of 17 killed in that terror attack.

Tal loved Camels.

A few weeks before she was killed Tal drew a Camel in her diary.

I use Tal's Camel to keep her memory alive.

March 5th 2008 will be 1826 days since Tal was killed.

I started a memorial event "Color Tal's Camel" at the beginning of 2007, and so far over 1000 people colored Tal's camel.

People from all over the world took part in this very special memorial event.

People from all ages and religions colored the Camel Tal painted and all of the camels can be seen on Tal's web site http://www.tal-smile.com/

My goal for this coming March 5th is to receive 1826 Camels, the number of days since Tal was killed. (This is the reason I am approaching you now so early to take part in this event)

Please color Tal's Camel.

Color the Camel on your computer or scan and pant it when finished e-mail your unique Camel back from the "contact us" at Tal's site.

Please bear in mind that Tal was a very happy teenager, creative with extraordinary ideas.

Do not hesitate to be creative as you can be and add your name once finished.

All the camels will be posted on http://www.tal-smile.com/DrawTalCamelE.htm

I will be very thankful to you if you will be kind enough to take part in my project and if you forward my request to as many of your friends as possible hoping they will do the same.

I am inviting you to take part in "Color Tal's Camel" memorial event and I hope with your help to reach my goal and place 1826 camels in Tal's site by March 5th 2008.

Thank you in advance

Ron Kehrmann Tal's Father