Thursday, July 31, 2008

Stop ISM Boats Before They Blow Up in Our Faces!

Israeli Citizens Action Network ICAN
For Volunteer Public Diplomacy

Dear ICAN members,

Regarding the pending immense media threat posed to Israel by the "Free Gaza" boat campaign we really must try to get info into thenewspapers and to our political leaders as soon as possible. One of our members, Dr. Mike Cohen of the Jewish human rights organization Shurat HaDin Israel Law Center, who initiated this action, has suggested the following:

1. Google "gaza boat" using the Sort by date with duplicates included option at the top right hand side - and start calling their own local media outlets that are covering the story. ask for the reporter by name based on the google results or call your local ap or reuters and tell them about the neutrality act violation.

Several entries refer to an Australian who is at the center of this – those of you there should be priming the media in Australia - same goes for friends in Europe, especially Greece.

2. Call your representative's office in Washington and urge them to put in an urgent call to the USAG's office. Tell your representative's office that the only way to prevent another Rachel Corrie incident is to prevent the clash from happening. Tell them that this is a "made-for-media" provocation that is supported by violators of USA law and that the USAG can stop the boats if he moves quickly to freeze the assets in California.

3. Get everyone in the family and their friends to do the same

We all have a unique opportunity here to really help Israel by preventing a media disaster before it happens. Bombs do not announce themselves, neither do bulldozers - but here, we know what is going to happen - lets do what we can to defuse the bomb before it is placed in theatre!!

Mike can be contacted at 904 501 6585 or at for advice and assistance for those of you in the United States or Canada.

Stuart Palmer
Director, ICAN