Monday, September 29, 2008

Baby Gili on Her Way

As we watch the sun set for the last time this year here in the Samarian Mountains, we are grateful to G-d, woman and man for making our last post of the year a prayerfuly hopefull one.

Baby Gili, her father, grandfather and abulatory medical staff were flown to London on Sunday. Thanks to the outpouring of compassion & generousity, the family friends who took to the task managed to raise the full amount of Gili's surgery in chunks of $1 - $180.

Gili will G-d willing undergo her surgery on Tuesday, the first day of the New Year, after consultation with the local rabbinate in Israel and the UK confirmed that this was in fact not even a question to be asked.

Please add Baby Gili's name to your Holy Day prayers:

גילי חיה צביה טובה בת רוית

Gili Chaya Tzviya Tova Daughter of Ravit

With blessings and wishes for all to be inscribed in the Book of Good Life, Happiness and Peace!

Shana Tova & Ktiva VeChatima Tova

Mike & the TGI "Staff"

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