Friday, October 03, 2008

Shifting Times

A reminder to our friends & family overseas:

This coming Sunday, 5 October, Israel ends its "Daylight Savings Time" and changes clocks back to Jerusalem Standard Time (JST).

Time differences as of 2AM Monday will be:

Eastern USA EDT (NY/NJ/FL) 6 Hours Behind 10:00am JST = 04:00am EDT
Eastern Canada - 6 Hours Behind 10:00am JST = 04:00am EDT
Western USA PDT (CA) 9 Hours Behind 10:00am JST = 01:00am PDT
UK GMT - 1 Hour Behind 10:00am JST = 09:00am GMT
France - Same as in Israel (JST)
China - 6 Hours Ahead 10:00am JST = 16:00pm BST
Japan - 7 Hours Ahead 10:00am JST = 17:00pm TST

Most of Western Europe will be changing their clocks on Sunday, 26 October, and the most of North America on Sunday 2 November. We will post corrected timed on both dates.

A happy, healthy, prosperous, restfull, QUIET(!!) New Year to all!!