Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Humanitarian Activities - Official Report

Ministry of Defense
Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories
Office of the Spokesman

31th December, 2008

12 Palestinians from Gaza transferred to Israeli hospitals for assistance
and 2500 tons of humanitarian aid transferred to Gaza

Today 12 Palestinians accessed Israel for medical treatment in Israeli
hospitals. Two of those evacuated were children injured during the military
activates, the remaining are chronically sick people, and their escorts,
that accessed Israel for treatment that is not available within the Gaza

Further more, despite ongoing rocket fire, Israel continues with the
extensive humanitarian effort in coordination with the international
organizations, Palestinian Authority and various donors. Ninety three
trucks, with approximately 2500 tons of humanitarian aid, medical supplies
and medication were conveyed through "Kerem Shalom" cargo terminal. The
World Food Program has informed Israel that they will not be resuming
shipment of food commodities in to Gaza due to the fact that their
warehouses are at full capacity and will last for approximately two weeks.

Since the beginning of operation "cast lead" some 6500 tons of aid have been
transferred at the request of the international organizations, the
Palestinian Authority and various governments. Preparations are underway to
facilitate further shipments expected to arrive in the coming days.