Tuesday, January 06, 2009

IDF: Attack on House of Hamas Senior

IDF Spokesperson January 6th, 2009

Attack on House of Hamas Senior
IDF Officer Killed in Last Night's Incidents

A structure was attacked in a joint IDF and ISA operation a short while ago in Jabaliya. Iman Siam, the head of the Hamas rocket launching program was known to be present in the house. Siam is one of the senior Hamas militants
in the Gaza Strip and founded the organization's rocket launching program, and is also the head of Hamas' artillery program throughout the Gaza Strip.

In addition, the IDF Spokesperson Unit announces that in last night's incident, an IDF officer was killed during the operation in the northern Gaza Strip.

The family of the officer has been notified. The details of the event are still being investigated; however it is
suspected that a tank shell was mistakenly fired at the force.