Saturday, January 03, 2009

IDF Spokesperson: Summary of Overnight Events 1/3/09

IDF Spokesperson

January 3rd, 2009

Summary of Overnight Events

During the night, the IAF attacked a vehicle in which Mamduq Jammal was driving. Jammal is a Hamas battalion commander who is also involved in rocket launching and is in charge of the rocket launching squads in the Gaza
City area.

Other Hamas terrorist targets attacked by IAF aircraft during the night:
  • A college building in El-Atatra used by Hamas for terrorist purposes. The college was a base for firing rockets at Israeli communities and was also used as a place of hiding and assembly by Hamas operatives.
  • The house of Hamas terror operative Ismail Renam in Bet-Lehiya, northern Gaza Strip, which functioned as a weaponry storage, specifically for rocket launching equipment. Renam has a central role in the launching of Grad type rockets against Israel.
  • The house of Azadin Hadad, a Hamas terror operative in Gaza City, that was used to orchestrate terror activity and as a meeting place for terror operatives. Hadad is the head of the Hamas military group in Eastern Gaza city.
  • A vehicle from which a Hamas operative loaded weapons into a storage place in Nuseirat.
The Israeli Navy also took part in the attacks, targeting a number of Hamas outposts, training camps and rocket launching sites.

Overall, more than 25 Hamas and other terrorist sites were attacked since yesterday evening. The forces reported accurate hits. All of the forces returned to their bases safely.

The IDF will continue to persistently strike any site used in Hamas' terrorist effort and will not cease acting against all terror organizations and those who actively support them.