Monday, January 05, 2009

Prayer requests for IDF personnel wounded in Gaza battles

The Galilean Word has received the following prayer requests for IDF personnel wounded in Gaza battles:

Noam ben Aliza - Lost a leg and is fighting to save second one
Liel Hoshea ben Miriam - is in critical condition with a head injury
Nerya ben Rivka - is in serious condition with a head wound
Yitzchak ben Naava - moderate injury to shoulder
Netanel ben Naava - moderate injuries. Shrapnel in knee.
Maxim ben Olga - light injuries. Underwent leg surgery.
Yisrael ben Ilana - light injuries. Underwent surgery for shrapnel in ear.
Yoad Ido ben Freida Rivka - light shrapnel injuries.
Idan ben Leora - light shrapnel injuries.
Nadav ben Miriam - light shrapnel injuries

We continue to pray that St.-Sgt. Dvir ben Dalia Emmanueloff (22, photo at left), will be the only military fatality of this operation.