Monday, April 27, 2009

Independence Day Fliers Defaced With PLO Flag

Jameel, our good friend who reports on The Muqata Blog, has alerted The Galilean to the defacement of advertisements in Jerusalem for Israel's 61st birthday party.

Depends who you want to believe - the indecent was caused by:

A. Islamic Hackers
B. Local Arab Printer
C. Funny guy at the ad agency
D. Left-wing extremist wanting to make a point
E. Right-wing extremist wanting to make a point
F. Anti-Zionist black-hatter

- or just a lazy artist who plagiarized the photo from a left-wing Israeli website ("educational" website according to the news reports) and did not look at it real carefully.

Note that the flag is being held by a kid wearing a Maccabi Tel-Aviv soccer sweat-suit. Jameel calls the kid "Forrest "Fowzi" Gump" since he has popped up in lots of photos over the years with such celebrities as Bill Clinton, Menachem Begin and Moshe Dayan.

See Jameel's post for more "exciting appearances" by "Fowzy.."

Happy 61st Israel!!