Saturday, December 26, 2009

IDF: Terrorists Responsible for Murdering Father of Seven Killed in joint IDF-ISA Operation

IDF Spokesperson Announcement
December 26th, 2009
Terrorists Responsible for Murder Killed Overnight in joint IDF-ISA

"The Israel Defense Forces will act firmly against those who aspire to harm citizens of the State of Israel and Israeli security forces, and will not rest until those involved in the murderous act are brought to justice," said OC Central Command, Maj. Gen. Avi Mizrachi, at the end of a joint IDF-ISA operation.

Overnight, security forces entered Nablus in an attempt to locate and arrest the men suspected of involvement in the murder of Meir Avshalom Hai this past Thursday.

Meir Avshalom Hai, [a father of seven and a popular teacher of young children] a resident of Shavey Shomeron, was murdered by Palestinian gunfire while driving his vehicle.

During the operation, IDF special forces killed three terrorists responsible for carrying out the shooting: Raed Surkajy, Assan Abu Sharach and Annan Tzubach.

When he was killed, Annan Tzubach was armed with a handgun and hiding two M16 assault rifles, an additional handgun, and ammunition.

Names of Terrorists Killed During Tonight's IDF Operation:

Nader/Raed A-Gabar Machmad Surkajy, a 40 year old resident of Nablus, is a Nablus Fatah Tanzim activist and has been imprisoned in Israel in the past. Prior to his arrest in 2002, Surkajy was a senior member of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and was involved in multiple terror attacks. Surkajy was also involved with the manufacturing of explosives and the establishment of an explosives-manufacturing laboratory in Nablus. Surkajy was arrested in April 2002 and was released earlier his year in January 2009.

Assan Fatachi Naif Abu Sharach, a 40 year old Nablus resident, has also been previously imprisoned in Israel. He is the brother of Naif Abu Sharach, the former head of the Fatah Tanzim in Nablus, who was responsible for planning multiple terror attacks until he was killed by IDF soldiers in 2004.

Annan Saliman Mustafa Tzubach, a 36 year old Nablus resident, a Shahad Al-Aqsa activist and was involved in widespread militant activity within the framework of the Nablus Fatah Tanzim. The group was led by Naif Abu Sharach until his death. Annan served as an arms dealer and supplier. During an attempt to arrest him tonight, Annan was killed after an exchange of fire with the IDF while he was found in a hiding place along with weapons and ammunition. Annan was included in an agreement in which wanted terror suspects were granted amnesty in exchange for a cease and desist in all
terror involvement.